When Good Ideas Get in Your Way

October 4, 2011
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My dear friends. I am about to let you peek inside my messy, messed-up, slightly mis-wired brain. Please be kind. But on the off chance that one of you has the same issue, I’m going to start by admitting that I have a problem. Wanna hear it? Ready? Deep breath. Here we go… I have […]

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Martha Stewart Hack

September 27, 2011
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via A couple of months ago, I saw this picture of Martha Stewart’s Gourd Garland on Pinterest. I loved it. So simple and pretty. And it made me want to put a split-rail fence all around my yard. I have no doubt that Martha’s version is made with hand-twisted, organic jute twine and air dried […]

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Chicken Nuggets Aren’t Just for Kids

September 26, 2011
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My kids can’t get enough of my oven-baked chicken nuggets. They would eat fast-food nuggets any day of the week, but I would rather avoid them whenever possible. My good friend gave me her delicious nugget recipe and I modified it a little for our family. It’s one of those kid-friendly recipes that the whole […]

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How to Organize a Pantry The Good Enough Way

September 20, 2011
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Last week, I decided it was finally time to organize my pantry. And by “organize”, I mean dig into the back corners of the closet and remove bag-fulls of expired food including a can of sweetened condensed milk from 2004. I kid you not. We moved that can from at least two different houses. I’ve […]

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Places I Land

September 16, 2011
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Happy Friday, my friends. There’s a bit of fall in there air in Pennsylvania and we have a weekend of seasonal activities planned. Football and fall festivals to mention two. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Here are just a few beautiful things that I discovered this week. Adri from Dream Book Design […]

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Preserving the Bounty: Learning to Can Tomatoes

September 14, 2011
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If we’re friends on facebook (if not, why?), then you may have heard me shouting giddily (is that a word?) that I canned some tomatoes the other day. This was truly a new adventure for me, because my only experience with actual canning involves hungrily opening up the jars of tomatoes, beans, pickles, etc. that […]

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