Enhancing Intimate Alone Time With the Power of Sex Toys

Spending time alone is often thought of as a time to simply relax and recharge. However, such alone time is also perfect for less PG-rated activities. By this, I am talking about playing with yourself (i.e. masturbation). What could possibly be more self-indulging that physically providing yourself with pleasure in a physical way? Obviously, if you are not single, you would ideally prefer your partner to be there with you to truly spice up the activity. But sex toys do wonders as well, which is what we are specifically here to talk about today. Let’s learn about why and how you should be using sex toys to take your private “sex” life up a few notches.

woman reaching for blue vibrator on bed
Learn about the benefits of sex toys and you’ll soon be reaching for your favorite sex toys every time you masturbate.

Your (Sex) Buddy You Can Always Count On

Your girl friends are probably thought of as your biggest emotional support. Your romantic partner plays that same role, along with more of a romantic element to it. And he (or she) is even your sexual rock – but only in most cases. Sometimes he or she is out of town, or he is simply not in the mood to have sex, whether it be due to stress, tiredness (hopefully not laziness though!). If that’s the case, having sex toys you can rely on become big for helping you to achieve the daily sexual satisfaction that you need. So think of your sex toy (or sex toys) as your best friends. At least when it comes to sexual support.

And unlike your partner, you have no need to worry about premature ejaculation. This is probably the thing that I love most about sex toys – they are always doing their job (which is to satisfy you) and can keep going as long as possible. Masturbating with a sex toy should always lead to an orgasm since it can in theory go on forever. At least until your arms and fingers physically tire out, or your vibrator battery runs out of juice. However, I think we all know that both of those will last significantly longer than any real male penis would! In fact, you can even orgasm multiple times in one session, without issue whatsoever. I personally make sure to orgasm at least two times every time I use my pink rabbit vibrator, although it’s usually at least three times if I’m being completely honest.

Other than premature ejaculation though, what’s another common theme I hear from ladies about having sex with men? It’s that they simply aren’t good at it. So instead of worry about whether your man will finish before you even orgasm just once, you are left waiting and knowing that nothing he does will ever get you to orgasm, meaning you are fighting a losing battle from the start. Sex toys can help create the perfect sensations needed to get you to orgasm. In the case of vibrators for example, not only can you angle your vibrator just right based on what feels best to you, but you can further enhance the sensations using vibrations. So compared to a real penis, you not only are controlling where you are being pleasured, but also simply get more pleasurable sensations through vibrations.

man on top of unsatisfied woman in bed
With absolute control over your sex toys, you aren’t left feeling empty and wanting more as is often the case when having regular sex.

Now none of this is being written to say that having real sex is obsolete (I probably love the real thing as much as any of you women out there). But there are definite limitations that having sex with a live penis that can be alleviated with sex toys. So imagine that you are home alone, dying for some amazing sexual pleasure. But your man isn’t home (or you may not even have one) and you know your fingers, while passable, won’t fulfill your sexual needs as much as you would like in this moment. This is when sex toys become an absolute must.

What kind of sex toys are out there?

A lot. In all seriousness, sex toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that it would take way too long to try and describe all the different possibilities. For example, even for the vibrator which is the most common sex toy for women, you may be thinking that vibrators all fall into one category. However, as luxury sex toy company Blissful Cherry so aptly points out, there is much more than just a single type of vibrator. And the reality is that each of the many types provides its own set of unique sensations and pleasure. In fact, their site has a lot of great info not just on using vibrators, but on a bunch of other common and highly popular sex toys for women as well. It is definitely worth spending some time to peruse their site and see what sort of sex toys appeal to you personally.

Having said all that though, the key takeaway here is that there is a huge world of sex toys out there and as a result, it can be somewhat daunting for women who are new to sex toys in general. For those women, it is best to take it slow and start with a “vanilla” sex toy and further your sex toy journey one masturbation session at a time.

Make the necessary preparations for an amazing masturbation session

Although we all know how to masturbate in general, adding sex toys to the equation requires a bit more preparation, to make sure you have the most fun.

The first decision to make is where to masturbate. Even though you are home alone, it would probably be best to masturbate somewhere more private, on the off chance that someone does return home and catches you in the act. In fact, the best place to do the deed is probably the bedroom, since masturbating on your bed is probably the most comfortable and private space to do it. Some women even use their master bedroom (i.e. in the empty bathtub) to do the deed to help make cleaning even easier (more on that in a second). Wherever you decide to do it, take the extra precaution and lock the door as well, just to be extra confident that no one will disturb your masturbation session.

The next thing to be sure of is that your sex toys themselves are ready to go. The most important thing is to make sure that your sex toys have been washed since the last time you used them, as it is very unsanitary if you are using an unwashed sex toy. Most sex toys can be washed with your regular soap and water – just lather and rinse them in a similar manner as you would your own hands and that should be thorough enough. The other thing to make sure is that any rechargeable sex toys are fully charged (or at least have enough charge to last your entire masturbation session). Coming this close to the point of climax, only for your vibrator to shut off due to lack of battery is a major turn-off. It’s happened to me once in the past and I don’t want that ever happening to any of you guys.

two hands being lathered with soap next to running sink faucet
Washing most sex toys is pretty simple – just lather and rinse them with soap and water, in the same way you wash your own hands.

And finally, depending on where you plan to masturbate, and for how long, sit or lay on top of a towel. This will keep all your wetness from spreading onto things like the bed sheets or the couch. If you in particularly anticipate getting really wet, make sure to use a very thick towel. Trust me, it will make cleaning up a lot easier. This is one of the main reasons some women decide to masturbate in the bathtub. You can literally shower right after you finish and wash away any lingering lubrication at the same time.

Integrate Sex Toys into your Sex Life Today

Regardless of whether you have a sexually competent man (or woman) in your life, there is always room for improvement in terms of your sexual endeavors. And in some areas where your partner will (undoubtedly) lack, sex toys will thrive. They not only add new and exciting sensations that your partner simply cannot replicate (think vibrations!), they also are always ready to help you masturbate, and will last as long as you need to fulfill your sexual needs, whether it be one orgasm, or three! So get started using sex toys and see how amazing they can be!