Get Yourself Some Beauty Rest

For the most part, we all love sleep. It gives us a break from our daily grind and more importantly re-energizes us when we wake up. Since sleep is so universally regarded as a positive for our lives, why don’t we get more of it? The truth is that the reason we all don’t get more sleep is simply because we typically don’t have enough time in the day to get that extra hour or two of sleep in. However, if the opportunity does arise, and you are feeling lazy while no one else is around at home (or even if there is) taking a beauty rest is the perfect “activity” to do as a form of self-indulgence. Here we’ll review the benefits of sleep (and therefore the benefits of additional beauty rest), followed by our own personal tips for having a successful beauty rest.

woman in white top sleeping gracefully on bed
Beauty rest is so much more than just getting a few extra hours of sleep.

Let’s Review What Sleep Does for You

We all know that when we get tired we want to sleep, and as a result we wake up from said sleep feeling refreshed and re-energized. But sleep does a lot more than that. Getting enough sleep helps to improve your memory and overall cognitive function, which is big for your professional career. Not only does sleep help you to stay awake during your working hours, but it helps you to focus and concentrate as well, meaning being much more productive than someone who is constantly getting a lack of sleep.

And while this is all good and well, the reality is that people (women especially) love sleep because of the effects it can have on your physical appearance. I mean, there’s a reason they call it “beauty rest” in the first place! For one, when you get enough sleep, it can help to curb your appetite. For those of you that don’t know: eating less leads to eventual weight loss over time, meaning by just getting some extra sleep, you can make some small (but not insignificant) gains to your weight loss goals. Sleep also is a big factor for improving your complexion. For people with bags under their eyes, a common reason for their affliction is due to a lack of sleep, and so any extra beauty rest that you take can help to improve the appearance of your eyes as well. As you can see, getting in high-quality “beauty rest” really can make a huge difference in your physical appearance, and best of all, it is relatively effortless!

close up of beautiful brunette looking left
A beautiful complexion is a huge benefit of getting beauty rest.

Our advice for the ideal beauty rest

First things first: unless you don’t have a typical 9 to 5 job (or similar), it is probably best to only be taking regular beauty rest on the weekends. Getting an extra hour of sleep may feel like a good thing to do if you come back from work unusually sleepy, but once you take a nap in the afternoon and wake up in the evening, your entire schedule goes bonkers. Not only may you be late with your other tasks for the day like cooking dinner or doing laundry, but you also will have trouble falling asleep at your regular hour later that night. And that means you wake up the next morning feeling groggy and completely out of sync. This new and unintended sleep cycle will persist at least until the weekend, at which point you can reset your internal clock by sleeping in or waking up early accordingly, but until that time you are stuck in a less than ideal place. If you work a job with atypical hours, or even just don’t have a job at all, then beauty rest can be taken whenever you feel the need to do so. Otherwise, stick to weekend beauty rests only.

Beauty rest is all about getting comfortable and truly enjoying your sleep – after all you already get your regular sleep at nights out of necessity, so this additional sleep is a luxury. Therefore, make sure that the temperature of your room is comfortable. And by temperature of your room, I really mean the temperature of your bed and what temperature you will be feeling. Your temperature will be affected not just by the temperature of the room, but what clothing you are wearing when going to bed, along with what blankets and comforters you are using as well.  If you don’t have an expensive thermostat system in your home to help set the room to the ideal temperature for your beauty rest, your blankets and comforters (and to a certain extent your sleep clothing) become even more important, as they help set the “effective temperature” based on how many layers you cover yourself with. Obviously if you add more layers, you can warm yourself up more, while taking away layers will help you to cool down. Every woman’s body is different, so there is no specific answer to how hot or cold you should be feeling when going to bed. Just make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, and you should be good.

Oh, and one more thing – make sure your feet are covered by the blanket, with no chance of becoming exposed mid-sleep. One of the biggest reasons that people wake up in the middle of their sleep is because their feet get a bit chilly after coming out from under the blanket, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

two feet sticking out of white bed sheets
Leaving your feet exposed is a surefire way to disrupt your beauty rest!

Another big reminder is to wash your bed sheets and pillow cases on a regular basis. This helps to prevent any unwanted dirt and oils to may have accumulated on them to come into contact with your skin while you sleep. Oil on your pillowcase is an especially huge cause for concern, as if that oil comes back into contact with your face, you may end up waking up with acne of some sort, if not immediately, then within a few days. And while we are on the subject of bed sheets and pillowcases, you may also want to add some freshener when you wash them, or manually spray a pleasant scent on them, both of which will help make your next sleep comfortable and enjoyable.

One more thing that I really want to share is that for those who really want to get the absolute best sleep possible, I highly recommend checking out phenibut. The phenibut high itself has a lot of interesting effects, but in the context of sleeping, phenibut makes you extremely relaxed and helps get rid of any anxiety and stress, leading to very deep, satisfying sleep. Using phenibut is not a necessity by any means, but at the same time, it’s definitely worth trying out at least once and seeing how it works for you personally.

Awaken Your Inner Beauty with some Beauty Rest Today

Yes, the title is somewhat ironic, but it is the truth – by literally falling asleep and getting some beauty rest, your natural beauty will slowly but surely awaken (figuratively) over time. You will help supplement your weight loss goals with a decreased appetite, along with improving your overall complexion (especially the bags under your eyes). And this is all on top of the regular, more well-known effects of sleep that help you power through your day with energy and focus. So keep this article in mind the next time you have some free time and are not feeling like doing anything substantial. Instead of lounging aimlessly around the house, get one or two hours of beauty rest and see the difference it ends up making in your life!